How to deal with dental calculus in our mouth

When we have calculus in our mouth, what will we do? Many people choose to procrastinate and even ignore it. In fact, this is not right. And we have one question, can toothpaste remove calculus?

We all know that dental calculus is very harmful to our oral cavity. According to Global Dental Lab, dental calculus is a kind of foreign body for the oral cavity, which will continuously stimulate periodontal tissue, and will compress the gingiva, affect blood circulation, cause periodontal tissue bacterial infection, cause gingival inflammation and atrophy, and form periodontal pocket.

Why can tooth stone cause very big trouble to oneself oral cavity? When the periodontal pocket is formed, it is easier to accumulate food residue, plaque and calculus. This new accumulation further destroys the deeper periodontal membrane. As a result of such a vicious cycle, the periodontal supporting tissues are completely destroyed, and the teeth finally fall off.

What toothpaste can remove dental calculus? In fact, as long as the calculus has been formed, it is very difficult to remove it with toothpaste. Toothwashing is an important measure to maintain the health of periodontal tissues and prevent the occurrence or recurrence of periodontal diseases, Global Dental Lab said. The simple understanding is to let professional dentists use professional equipment to help you brush your teeth.

Compared with toothpaste, the effect of tooth washing on dental calculus is more obvious. Tooth washing can remove the tooth surface coloring, help the tooth to restore normal luster and color, remove the plaque and calculus that cannot be removed by other family oral health care measures such as brushing, and prevent periodontal disease.

There are many ways to wash your teeth, and we may know something about them. At present, ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most common ways to wash teeth. The principle of tooth cleaning is to break and shake the dirt on the surface of teeth through ultrasonic vibration.

What harm does ultrasonic tooth wash have? This is what many people ask. The working head of the ultrasonic dental cleaner only needs to touch the tooth surface gently, which can effectively remove the calculus, plaque, pigment spots, etc., which is more comfortable, safe and effective than the conventional hand-held instruments.

In addition to washing teeth, we also need to do oral protection every day. Brushing teeth in the morning and evening and gargling after meals are the most important measures to prevent the formation of calculus. Use health toothbrush, choose fluoride toothpaste, use the right method – vertical brush method to brush teeth, correct the horizontal brush method.

A good way of oral protection is good for your health. In this way, it can not only remove food residue, dental plaque and tartar dirt, prevent the formation and deposition of dental calculus, but also massage gums, promote blood circulation and enhance the disease resistance of periodontal tissues.

Teeth are a powerful weapon for us to eat, but if we don’t protect our teeth well, this weapon will bring us some troubles. This must not be ignored.

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