What will happen if wearing removable dentures for a lifetime

There are always some problems with our teeth, such as missing teeth, we don’t know what is the best way to deal with. Some people choose to take movable dentures, so what will happen if wearing removable dentures for a lifetime?

Removable dentures are an alternative for people who miss teeth. According to Global Dental Lab, removable dentures are a kind of prosthetic that use plastic as base, supported by mucous membrane and bone tissue, or supported by denture retainer and base. It consists of dentures on the base and elastic metal clasps.

Compared with other dentures, removable dentures have their own characteristics. The masticatory pressure of the movable denture is not completely borne by the adjacent teeth on both sides, but also by the gingiva and alveolar bone of the missing teeth. Therefore, removable dentures can be inserted even if the adjacent teeth at both ends are not too firm. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, less molars, better appearance than metal crown sleeve, easy acceptance by the patients, removal of the supporting teeth for washing, and good oral health.

What will happen if wearing removable dentures for a lifetime? In fact, of course, this is not possible. According to Global Dental Lab, after removable partial denture has been removed and worn for many times, metal clasp will produce fatigue, poor elasticity, easy deformation, and difficult to recover to the initial position of close fitting with abutment, thus losing the role of clasp retention.

The problem will increase with the long time of active denture belt. With the increase of denture time, the absorption of alveolar bone, and the wear of the base material, the base is not close to the ligament and the adjacent teeth, resulting in the loosening and warping of denture.

In order to avoid the harm of movable dentures, they should not be worn for too long. Theoretically, removable dentures are recommended to be replaced every three to five years, which is mainly caused by the atrophy of alveolar bone and the aging of materials, the service life of conventional fixed dentures varies greatly from several years to more than ten years, which is mainly related to the denture materials, denture design methods and patients’ eating and chewing habits.

In addition, any denture needs our attention. In order to prolong the service life of dentures, patients should first have a basic understanding of dentures and their own oral conditions, try to avoid bad eating habits, strengthen the maintenance of oral environment, and take good care of dentures.

Many people don’t pay attention to oral health, for example, they don’t brush their teeth well, they don’t have good gargle habits, they don’t care about periodontal problems, which results in many problems, which we need to pay attention to.

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