When getting old, is loose teeth a problem?

Some oral diseases are more troublesome, mainly manifested in serious tooth loosening and periodontal diseases. If these problems occur, we should solve them in time, otherwise the consequences will gradually increase, make us regretful at the end. It is very common loosening teeth for middle-aged and old people. So what should we do?

Young people also have loose teeth, but certainly not as bad as elder. When age grows, gingival atrophy and periodontal disease will easily lead to loose teeth. If the teeth are loose seriously, they may lose, which will affect the normal chewing of the elderly and prone to digestive system problems.

Tooth loosening and gingival atrophy go through a long process. According to Global Dental Lab, when the teeth are obviously loose, and the alveolar bone is absorbed, the root of the teeth becomes shallow and the teeth grow longer. With the increasing bone absorption, the teeth naturally fall off.

Compared with young people, middle-aged and old people’s loose teeth are often much more serious. The reason of tooth loosening is that periodontal disease destroys periodontal bone. There are often many loose teeth in the oral cavity of the elderly. With the expansion of periodontitis, if not treated in time, it is an important reason for more loose teeth.

With loose teeth, we must treat periodontitis as soon as possible. According to yayouhui forum, the elderly can’t extract teeth due to high blood pressure, heart disease, etc., or they are afraid of tooth extraction due to psychological factors, resulting in some severely loose teeth in their mouth. The severely loose teeth hinder the oral health, cause periodontitis diffusion, and increase the number and degree of loose teeth.

To solve periodontitis is an important way to avoid a large number of loose teeth. The World Health Organization (who) standard for dental health, i.e. “8020” standard, said the forum, 80 year old people should have at least 20 functional teeth. Periodontal disease is the “culprit” of loose teeth, and early onset of periodontal disease, treatment of periodontal disease, do not wait until the teeth are loose, crumbling, tooth pain can not stand to see a doctor, which often delays the best treatment period, so that the teeth can continue to “service”, had to retire early.

Loose teeth are a great danger to our health, but we often don’t pay enough attention to it. We always think about what can happen between these dimensions? This idea is wrong. If there is a problem, we should not be careless.

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