Pay attention to your food after ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a common way to clean teeth. We must know something about it first. It is relatively simple and does not have so many complicated procedures. What are the precautions after ultrasonic cleaning?

We should all know about teeth cleaning, but what is ultrasonic cleaning? According to Global Dental Lab, ultrasonic cleaning is to remove calculus, smoke stains and tea spots on teeth through the high-frequency concussion of ultrasonic, which can prevent gingival bleeding or tooth loosening, help to treat periodontitis and other oral diseases. Ultrasonic cleaning does little damage to tooth surface, and it takes very short time to cleaning. You can feel the treatment is convenient, you can see an obvious effect, make your oral healthy.

What you should know about after ultrasonic cleaning? According to Global Dental Lab, you can not eat too spicy or too acid cold food within three days after that. In one or two months after tooth cleaning, some people who are physically sensitive may suffer from tooth allergy to cold, heat, acid, sweet and other stimuli. This is a normal individual response. Please don’t worry too much. If the symptoms continue to increase and can’t be relieved, please have a timely consultation to your dentist.

If you cleaned your teeth, you should pay attention to carbonated drinks. Do not drink because at this time, your gums are sensitive. Drinking carbonated drinks will not only stimulate your gums, but also make your teeth severely corroded. And do not eat or drink stimulating food after cleaning, including spicy and cold. Because your teeth will be more sensitive to physical stimulation and spicy foods.

According to Global Dental Lab, the teeth after cleaning will be a little sensitive to hot and cold and feel sore. This symptom is temporary and usually disappears in one or two weeks. If the symptoms of soreness exist all the time, you can consider using anti-sensitive toothpastes to help get through this.

At present, there are many ways to clean teeth, and the common one is ultrasonic cleaning. It has been used for many years, and it is safe with no big problem. We can do it when needed.