Tooth cleaning and interdental

Many oral problems seem little problems at first. But if we don’t take good care of them, they will go bad rapidly and cause us a lot of trouble. For example, the widen of interdental. We will talk about relationship between interdental expansion and tooth cleaning tools in this article.

It is very common for many people to pick their teeth with toothpicks. According to Global Dental Lab, the more you use toothpicks, the wider the interdental will be. Because the toothpick is very sharp, and you can’t stare at the teeth when picking, it’s very easy to stab the gums, resulting in gingival recession.

Why does the use of toothpicks cause a wider interdental? Many people may have this question in mind.
Incorrect usage of toothpicks will damage teeth and gums, resulting in gingival atrophy, root exposure, interdental widening. The wider the interdental, the easier it is to embed the food residues, forming a vicious circle. In particular, it is worth noting that some people’s interdental become wider, it may not be caused by improper tooth picking over the years.

If interdental becoming wide, it often causes plug teeth, which brings a lot of trouble. According to Dr Jim, the biggest harm of often filling teeth is periodontal disease. Food is stuffed into the crevices as if wedges are inserted into the crevices. Pressure is generated on the gums and bones, which will crush the gums and gradually absorb the alveolar bone. A blind bag will be formed between the gums and the roots, and food debris will be further squeezed into the depth. In the long run, it can make gingiva shrink and root exposed.

Different people have different habits in using tooth cleaning tools. The elderly may prefer toothpick, which is mainly suitable for people with wide interdental due to periodontal disease, gingival atrophy and so on. Toothpick can only be used when it can be inserted between teeth.

Compare to toothpicks, floss is a better tool. Because of the inconvenience of the storage and use of toothpicks, they are gradually replaced by other auxiliary tools, especially after the appearance of floss. Floss can effectively remove the residue in the teeth and the plaque on the adjacent surface of teeth.

The use of floss is very different from toothpick. In fact, dental floss is different from ordinary thread. It is composed of many fibers, which can also form a plane under tension, thus increasing the area of contact with teeth. When flossing, gently put it on the teeth, but do not press down hard to avoid hurting the gums. After wearing, it should fit with the tooth surface, and then repeatedly scrape towards one side, so as to clean the tooth seam.

Many people may get upset because of the tooth problem every day. If there is a problem of expansion of interdental, we need to change our tooth cleaning method in time.